Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

Hey everyone!

Can you believe it's Monday afternoon already?  How was your weekend? 

Here's a little recap of ours:

Nic saw the neurologist on Friday.  We spent about 2 1/2 hours there and it was mostly bad news.  Nic was placed on total brain rest for 48 hours.  This is a VERY difficult thing to do and we are trying to do everything we've been told to do to the best of our abilities.  Total brain rest means a dark room, no reading or talking, no TV, or radio, or even siblings in the room.  It is a most difficult thing to do.  After the initial 48 hours of total brain rest we are told to give him a little break and then do another 24 hours and so forth and so on.  We were also told due to the risk of second impact syndrome he can never play soccer again.  This is extremely hard for Nic to understand.  

On Saturday the girls were asked by a very special friend to be flower girls in her wedding.  I had known this was coming for some time, but they didn't.  They were thrilled!  

Sunday we helped with a shower for the special friend mentioned above and it was lovely.  Our bride and groom to be were very happy with their party and it was so much fun to work with other ladies to put it all together.  I have a few pictures of the cupcakes we did.  The stand was cut from logs (thanks to dear friends) and I couldn't have been more pleased with how it turned out.  

My honey is improving.  He rested a lot this weekend and is slowly getting better.  I can't wait until he feels like himself again.  I took him to his favorite place for lunch on Saturday and he was delighted. 

My heart is heavy, maybe even a little sore, but God is working in me.  I love the Lord Jesus more than I ever have.  He is so incredibly good to me.  I could write many, many paragraphs on all of the amazing ways He has shown us His love over the last months.  It is often the hardest times in life that bring about the sweetest fellowship with Him.  I haven't enjoyed these hard times but I am certainly thankful for what He is doing in my heart and in our family.  

Last Monday at this time I was sitting in a hospital waiting room.  It's good to be home today even if I do have to figure out a way to plow through all this work.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of last week I was at hospitals and Friday was more of the same.  I am thankful to be in my home this week.  The calendar looks (kind of) calm for the coming days.  I've got plenty of laundry to keep me busy.  I also plan on bringing the cooking mama back.  We've been scraping by on "easy" food for too long.  I think a nice dinner is in order tonight.  There's this nagging urge to go play at the park today, especially a park with a water feature since it's been close to 100 degrees lately and our air conditioning is out.  I may give myself an incentive (and the kids too) and try to fit in a little playtime today.  I feel like we haven't been doing enough of that lately.  I remember when my big kids were little we did lots and lots of playing at the park and going to summer movies and swimming at the pool.  With my little kids I feel we're sometimes lacking in that area since life is so much harder.  Mommies always have to figure out that balance between work and play.  That's my challenge for today, I guess.

I hope you are having a cozy Monday whatever you are doing.  If I (ever) get my patriotic wreath finished I will post pictures and a tutorial.  Independence Day will be here before we know it!  :)

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