Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hanging Them Out to Dry...

Last night the hubs and I put up a clothesline...in our house.  (It's not for clothes though.)  We used a couple of nails and some jute cord and hung it right in the middle of the hallway.

For now we have our countdown to Christmas treat-bags hanging on it.  After Christmas we plan to use it to hang the children's artwork, papers, and other special projects they do during our school time.

A little word about our countdown for those who might want to know...

I buy treats to put inside the bags and each night one child gets to take a bag down to open.  We take turns starting with the youngest.  The kids get so excited when it is their night to take down a bag.  I have numbers on each of the snowmen, numbering 1 to 24.  We start this on December 1st and continue through Christmas Eve.  

The treats are small and simple but this is a lot of fun.  The kids look forward to it every year.

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