Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Simple Summer Projects

I did a little project yesterday.  It was super easy, yet totally packs a punch!  I was so happy with the way it turned out I had to share. 

 For very little money this project livens up the table and gives the room an Independence Day feel.

This was so easy and so fun.  I bought bags of beans at the grocery store (Navy Beans, Black Beans and Red Beans).  They are very inexpensive.  I got out my trifle dish I had stored away in the cabinet, layered the beans in, and placed it on our dining room table - simple!

This little effort, little money project has brought all kinds of compliments from my honey and kiddos.  My boys have been especially excited about it which is very odd.  I really didn't expect them to even notice.  One of them said it goes well with my primitive decor.  Who is that kid?  

While we are on the subject of cheap and easy projects, I will tell you about a couple more. 

My girls and I decorated some sand pails to take to the beach.  This project also takes very little cash.  I picked up the pails at the Dollar Tree and the girls found some beach themed stickers at Hobby Lobby.  The stickers were on sale 50 percent off, but even when the stickers are not on sale you can use a 40 percent off coupon.  The girls got busy decorating their pails and were quite proud of their finished product.  I helped Clare (age 3) spell her name and she did the rest.  This is a great summer project for girls or boys.  You can find every color pail at the Dollar Tree or Walmart.  You can find all different sizes as well.  

Want to send a child some summer fun in the mail?  How about a flattened beach ball that you've written a special message on?  A flattened ball is very easy to mail.  When the child opens their special package they can blow up the ball and read your message.  We recently did several of these to send with our Pastor to children in Kenya.  Again, this project is inexpensive (I got our beach balls at the Dollar Tree) and easy.  Just make sure you write your message with a permanent marker.  

I love fun little projects, don't you?  You don't have to spend much money to get crafty and kids love to help too.  

What kind of projects are you getting into this summer?  

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  1. I looks great! I love the beach ball idea. Fun!



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