Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas School

Do you think it's hard to home school during the month of December? 

It is!

With all of the extra "stuff" on Mom's plate, doing the normal home school load is almost impossible.

Here's what we do...

Read tons of books.  Now is the time for snuggling under quilts and sipping hot chocolate and READING great Christmas books. 

Make Christmas crafts.  The ART projects that we normally don't have time to do, we do in December. 

Make Christmas cards and write letters.  HANDWRITING, SPELLING and CREATIVE WRITING are covered here.

Establish a Christmas budget and buy gifts for family members.  This serves as great MATH practice for our younger ones.  (Much better than many workbook pages on counting money!)  We draw names and everyone has a budget.

Collect food for the food bank, deliver goodies to neighbors and the local firefighters and such, take a meal to someone, or visit a nursing home.  These things teach SERVICE TO OTHERS and to me that is more important than Algebra, Chemistry and the like.

Practice MUSIC and sing Christmas carols as a family.

Bake and bake and bake cookies, breads, and other treats.  This time in the kitchen is worth HOURS of "regular" school.  For the younger children, the measuring and counting is great real life MATH.  We always have MUSIC playing and enjoy the teamwork aspect of all the baking we do in December. 

Take walks together as a family.  If you want to get in some P.E. this is a great way to do it.  Especially here in the south where it is still very warm.  (Yesterday we went to a Christmas parade and all of the kids wore shorts!  We are actually wanting some cold weather.) 

Read the BIBLE individually and as a family.  Have the children copy verses.  Study the story of Jesus' birth and have the children put on a play.  The planning and practicing and costume designing are all great activities that cover a myriad of school subjects.  (*an added bonus - while the children are working on their play Mom could get a few minutes to wrap gifts or work on something she needs to do!)

Have the children write Christmas poems and draw Christmas pictures.  Again, HANDWRITING and SPELLING and ART.

These are just a few ideas for Christmas school.  Just remember, home school Moms, you can get back on your regular schedule in January.  The month of December will be gone soon so make the most of the time while you have it!


  1. That's how we do school at Christmas time too. I just love it. We, however, can't go to the Christmas parades in shorts though. Have fun!



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