Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clean Before Spring #7

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty good.  I've got my oven and my refrigerator cleaned and those are major parts of spring cleaning for me.  It should be easy to maintain them now.  My kitchen is one of my main targets and two of the big jobs are out of the way.  And hey, we've got 6 weeks til spring!

Today, we are going to choose a closet to clean out.  You pick the closet.  I'm choosing my two youngest sons' closet.  It's a pretty big closet, and it is stuffed with clothes.  This closet belongs to boy #3 and boy #4.  They get a lot of hand-me-downs.  Although hand-me-downs are a good thing, and have always been a way of life around here, they can tend to pile up on you.  Right now boy #4 has a TON of clothes.  He is the recipient of hand-me-downs from 3 older brothers!  The funny thing is, even though he has a lot of clothes, he wears the same thing all the time.  I'm going to clean out and organize this closet today and hopefully get his wardrobe rotating a little better.

After choosing which closet to work on you will need to gather some supplies.  You will want to have containers (I use big Rubbermaid boxes) for the items you are removing from the closet.  You might want to have a box for donating, a box for things to save, and perhaps a trash bag for anything that has to be thrown out.  I like to organize the closet into for pants, one for casual shirts, one for dress shirts, jackets, etc.  You don't need to keep everything.  Sometimes less is more!  If it hasn't been worn in a year, let it go.  Find someone to bless and experience the freedom that comes with less stuff!

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  1. Ok. This is so funny. This morning, while doing regular housework, I decided to clean out and reorganize the closet Mikayla and I share. The clothes rod was about to fall, so I had to fix that, and then I noticed how many items I have that I do not wear, so I decided to pull those out and bag them for donating. Then I thought, while I'm this far, I will clean out and organize Mik's clothes and straighten up her secret play zone in the bottom of the closet. It looks and feels really good. The thought actually crossed my mind that it would be nice if your assignment for today was to clean out a closet. Then I just checked in here on your blog and, lo and behold, it IS today's assignment. Yippee! And I will have to brag a bit and say, my linen, coat, and Andy's closets are already in great shape. (Jeff is on his own with his:)



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