Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's Going Down?

Remember when I said something big was going down at the Moran house?  Well now I am able to tell you all about it.  Some of you may be a mite disappointed as I received many a text and many a message asking if I was pregnant or moving back to Knoxville.  The recent going-ons at our house have nothing to do with either.  Sorry.

Yesterday my little (over 6 feet tall) boy turned 16.  We threw him a most fun surprise party and kept surprising him in layers all day long.  He requested dinner out at a particular restaurant for his birthday and my honey and I agreed.  He was very much looking forward to that meal and was happy as a clam to be celebrating his 16th with an enormous amount of food.

Little did he know his Uncle was flying in the day of his birthday.  I sneaked to the airport, picked up my brother, then allowed him to ring the doorbell of our home, when everyone knew to let Ethan answer.  It was great!  Ethan was shocked and thrilled.  The laughs and cutting up (and ahem, boy humor) began immediately.

We loaded up our van a couple of hours later and headed for the restaurant.  Ethan didn't know it but I had already been to the restaurant earlier in the day to add a little celebratory decoration and when we got there a whole bunch of great friends were waiting on us.  SURPRISE!  

Then, a few minutes later Ethan's best friend from Knoxville came walking through the door and Ethan was REALLY thrown for a loop!  I saw the best smile come across his face and they gave each other a big bear hug...it was tight...just like them.  To add to the birthday celebration, his best friend will be sticking around for a few days, staying at our house and having a good time. 

Ahh...success.  Ethan was completely surprised!  The surprises kept coming in layers and his birthday kept getting better and better.  (Just the way we wanted it).  Thank you to my bestest buddies who helped me pull this off and for celebrating with us.  We all had much fun!!  

PS - An apology to our neighbors who may be reading this post:  A rousing game of air soft went on way into the night with many teenagers running through the yards and across the sidewalks of this wonderful place known as Walnut Run.  I apologize for any disturbances and for the plethora of little balls rolling all over the place today.  My boys are sweeping them up from the pool, to our house, and back.  Your curbs and gutters should be ammo free shortly.  Thanks for putting up with us.  : )


  1. How fun! Surprise parties are awesome. Happy belated Birthday Ethan! I hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  2. Sounds like great fun for your son. 16 should be fun!



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