Monday, July 14, 2014

So far today our little eight year old gal has drawn horse pictures, read in her horse book, looked up some information on horses in another book, and watched a horse movie.  She's horse crazy right now.  

It's just like God to bless us with a neighbor who teaches riding lessons and owns several horses.  Our sweet friend has offered to take our girl riding this very week.  I'm not sure she will sleep until it happens.  She is talking incessantly about it.

Isn't it fun, getting into what your kids are into?

We have an older boy saving up for a motorcycle.  He looks at pictures of Kawasaki Ninjas and checks his bank account regularly.  This, although not as easy for me to get into, is his thing.

Some of our other boys are into soccer.  WAY into soccer.  I'm a soccer mom, and I love it.  One of our boys has been taken out of playing soccer by his doctor.  Because of a brain injury he is no longer allowed to participate in contact sports.  Our pastors have promised to take him golfing.  Maybe golf will become his new thing.  

One of my favorite things about being a mom is being a part of what our kids are doing.  For a lot of years I was a mama to only boys, (twelve years to be exact).  I got into baseball and football and Star Wars and Rescue Heroes and a whole lot of other boy toys.  I learned to love camping, spent all day Saturdays at the ball field, and took field trips to fire stations and dinosaur exhibits.

Now, in my forties, I'm getting to raise little girls.  We have tea parties and play dolls.  My girls play princesses every single day and have a pretend house where they are both mommies.  Fun stuff!  

I've so enjoyed the privilege of being a mom.  People often ask me which are easier, boys or girls.  They ask which I like raising better.  I could never choose!  Our boys are rough and tumble and our girls are sugary sweet.  I love both.  I love the way the boys compete and show off and fiercely protect their sisters and me.  I love the way the girls help me with our home, trying to do everything I do, and their sweet little hearts always making or drawing something for someone.  It is a dream come true to be a mother of this big brood. 

What are your kids loving these days?  May I encourage you to get into that kid stuff with them?  Whatever it is, learn to love it.  I have a dear friend who went to her first anime convention this past spring.  She wouldn't have picked that interest up on her own but that's her son's hobby.  

Get involved in your kids dreams.  Play with them.  Enjoy their hobbies and teach them about yours.  You are sure to win their hearts!  When what's important to them becomes important to you, they know how important they are.  

Keep up the good work, Mama!

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  1. Our families sound so similar! I agree with you 100%. We have done the same with our children. My horse loving daughter turned our quiet little home into a mini farm! Her love for all things farm and then gardening. Our boys love outdoor adventures and helping people. So our lives have been very involved with Scouting and now Trail Life USA. But always adventures where they grow and learn and as their parents we have too. I loved your post. Thanks for sharing. :)



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