Thursday, December 1, 2011

DECEMBER Count Down to Christmas!

Every year I have big plans for all the fun things we will do to count down to Christmas. We have our traditions we always do, every year without fail, but there are other things I think of and desire to do but when Christmas has come and gone I realize not all of my ideas came to fruition.  This year I came up with something to help make sure we did all of the things I had hoped to.  I picked up a write on/wipe off festive red and green December calendar and I put a date to every idea.  Now the kids are all fired up and won't let us miss one of our planned activities, AND I feel super organized!  *SMILE*

In addition to the list below, we read an Advent book each year.  My favorites are written by Arnold Ytreeide and this year we are reading Tabitha's Travels.   We read a portion of the story for every day of Advent and for Christmas Day.  Each reading includes a family devotion.  We usually read this at night right before the kids go to bed.  We also have 2 large baskets, one full of Christmas movies and another full of Christmas books.  Each day during the countdown we alternate reading one or more of the books and watching one of the movies.  I started picking up Christmas books when my oldest was just a baby and we have quite a few now.  In fact, both baskets are overflowing.  I keep these books and movies packed up all year long and only bring them out during the month of December. 

Here's our countdown...

December 1st  Cut down Christmas tree.  Using paper strips, make a "Count Down to Christmas" chain.
December 2nd  Decorate Christmas tree.
December 3rd  Decorate our own wrapping paper.  Create a wreath out of a paper plate.
December 4th  Make Christmas cards. 
December 5th  Bake Christmas cookies.
December 6th  Make hot cocoa mix for friends.
December 7th  Wrap some Christmas presents.
December 8th  Send  Christmas e-cards. 
December 9th  Make Christmas gift tags.
December 10th  Collect and deliver food to food bank.
December 11th  Make a Christmas treat for the birds with a pine cone, peanut butter, and birdseed.
December 12th  Make pretzel treats with chocolate and sprinkles.
December 13th  Make Christmas tree ornaments.
December 14th  Bake gingerbread.
December 15th  Make snowflakes out of paper. 
December 16th  Go Christmas shopping. 
December 17th  Make gingerbread houses.
December 18th  Make snowman pictures with cotton balls.
December 19th  Make Fudge and Monkey Munch.
December 20th  Take a drive with a thermos of hot chocolate and popcorn and look at Christmas lights.
December 21st  Make goodies and deliver to Fire Department.
December 22nd Make goodies and deliver to neighbors.
December 23rd  Make sausage balls.
December 24th  Turn off the lights once it's dark and use only candle light.  Read from the Bible (Luke) and pray and eat special Christmas Eve dinner.
December 25th  Christmas Day!

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