Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Husband Encouragement #2

This morning while I was thinking about what I should do to encourage my honey one of my kids brought me a coloring page they were working on.  This bible verse was on the page

Love your neighbor as yourself.  Leviticus 19:18

Isn't that just a sweet little verse you've heard all your life?

But, wait!  My husband is my neighbor.  Do I love my husband as I love myself?  Do I treat my husband as well as I treat my neighbor?  (Ouch.)

Isn't it true that we speak to those closest to us in the most unkind ways sometimes?  Would you talk to your neighbor/friend the way you do your husband on occasion?  Am I more patient and kind and understanding toward my friends than I am toward my own husband?  This shouldn't be!

I've decided today to encourage my husband with my words.  I am going to speak kind and thoughtful words and show him the manners I show toward my neighbor.  I've already blown it this morning so I will be asking for a do-over.   

It is God's Spirit working in us that helps our hearts to be healthy and whole.  Pray and ask Him to help your words be sweet.  Ask the Lord Jesus to work in your heart and give you the words that will build your man up and encourage him in his walk.  God hears our prayers and He is an ever-present help.

Kind, thoughtful, patient words will not go unnoticed.  Remember moms, your children are watching and listening!  If you (like me) have to restart today, ask your husband to forgive you and purpose to turn things around.  Our words have power, so let us use them to spur our husbands on toward good deeds!

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