Thursday, January 30, 2014

Husband Encouragement #3

I'm just going to give it to you straight.

I can be a really lousy wife sometimes.

The last several days I've been focusing on being a better wife and you want to know something?  I've not been all that great at it.  I sincerely believe Satan turns up the heat when you try to do something right.  I've noticed that as I try to be more loving and thoughtful and kind, Satan throws more things my way trying to trip me up.

Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

Not so fast, devil.  I'm making my marriage a priority and you can't stop me.  My honey happens to like the attention and it's good for him (and the kids, and me).

To encourage our husbands today I'm making a suggestion that we do a little gift giving.  You can make this as big or as little as you want.  The smallest of things can make a big difference in your man's day.  If you want to go small- pick up your guy's favorite candy and put it somewhere for him to find.  If you want to go big- get some tickets to his favorite kind of thing.  Anything you think he would like is perfect.

My honey and I stopped buying gifts for each other at Christmas a couple of years ago.  We decided to buy for our six kids and our family members and forgo giving each other presents.  He has been known to cheat a little but for the most part this is what we have done.  Christmas is an expensive thing to pull off, especially with six kiddos.  We always have lots and lots of company too and that is an added expense in itself.  I tell you that to say I'm pretty excited now to go shopping for my honey and surprise him with a few ~totally unexpected~ presents!

What might you buy for your man?  Get creative!

A few ideas...

His favorite candy bar or gum with a little note tied on
A cool new shirt, or hat
Tickets to a basketball game
A gift card to his favorite store - a place HE likes to shop!
A book or cd
A magazine subscription 
Movie tickets (Surprise him and arrange a babysitter too.)
Nuts, or beef jerky, or some other man food - put in a basket with his name on it
A Starbucks gift card (leave in his car for him to find)
A sweatshirt (his favorite team??)
Some new house shoes or pajama pants - give them to him on a Friday night with a promise for a relaxing weekend!  :)

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