Monday, March 18, 2013

Clean Before Spring - The Last Week!

Hello and Happy Monday!

It's the last week of the Clean Before Spring challenge.  Can you believe it?
And...there are only two more days until spring is officially here!  Woo-hoo!  I love spring time!  I love each of the four seasons and I'm very thankful for every single one.  There is something so special and wonderful when one season changes to the next.  We've been enjoying temps in the 70s here in the south.  I can see flowers popping up everywhere and the grass is a beautiful green.  The children have been playing outside and there is chalk artwork on the driveway, bikes and scooters are everywhere, and our littlest one is loving blowing bubbles all day long.  The warm weather is such a blessing.

This week we are working in the bathroom(s).  I have three and I plan on cleaning each of them.  Let's finish out our spring cleaning with a bang!  I love, love, love that I have my spring cleaning done before spring.  Or maybe I should say, just in time for spring.  How about you?  Did this "Clean Before Spring" help you at all?  Even if you only did parts of the challenge you probably accomplished more than you would have without it.  I'm hoping so!

Here is the bathroom detailed cleaning list:

Wash area rugs.
Scrub floor.
Straighten drawers and cabinets.
Clean shower stall.
Wash shower door.
Throw away empty bottles.
Clean mirror.
Clean toilet.
Clean sink.
Clean bathtub.

I'm planning to work in my bathrooms each day this week.  At the end of the week I hope to have three sparkling clean, ready for spring, bathrooms.  I'm doing a makeover on one of the bathrooms and I can't wait to show you before and after pics.  My biggest challenge for the week is the bathroom our four boys share.  If you don't have four boys you can only imagine what it takes to keep up their bathroom (and please, for your own sake don't let your imagination go too far).  We have daily cleaning we do in that bathroom, plus one of the boys cleans that room each week.  Even still I've got my work cut out for me. Their bathroom has two sinks, a huge mirror, a fish in a fishbowl, several drawers and cabinets, and of course a tub and toilet.   My newest favorite thing for cleaning bathrooms is my sponge wand.  I fill the handle with vinegar and dishwashing liquid.  I use this for scrubbing the bathtub and sinks and it works beautifully!

If all goes as planned (I say that lightly since in a family of eight plans can change quickly, and dramatically) this is going to be a super fun week here on the blog. I've got an easy Easter wreath to show you that I made over the weekend, an exciting guest post on home organization, a new and delicious spring recipe, and a sneak peek at a birthday party I'm working on. Please stop back by, bring your friends, and if you haven't joined my site yet do so today!   Thank you!

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