Monday, November 26, 2012

God's Got Your Baggage

Sometimes it can feel like the bottom of the bag is getting really thin and everything is going to fall out.  It's good to know when that happens that God is carrying the bag.

Is the bottom of your bag feeling thin?  What's inside? 

How do you handle hurt?  

Get down on your knees.  Fighting back won't work, even when everything in you wants to fight.  Rest is found in truth.   Prayer is the only path to truth.  I've been known to get up off my knees, only to return minutes later. 

Forgive.  It hurts but I will forgive much because I have been forgiven much.

Soak up the Word.  I've slept with my bible in my arms reading it's pages until I fall asleep, waking up after one long blink and reading more.  Sometimes there is just no putting the words away, except to tuck them away in my heart.

Keep your eyes on Jesus.  He knows.  He was betrayed, falsely accused, mistreated, yet, He loved.  He gave.  Cling to Him.

Do the right thing.  The wrong thing seems right.  The wrong thing feels better.  God gives grace to do the right thing.  Vengeance is the Lord's.  Wasted words, wasted anger, wasted time only split the bag straight in half.

Let it go.  Give it to God.  He wants to carry it.

*Update* - Last night at dinner my husband suggested we pray and thank God for our troubles.  He said we should be thankful for everything, even that which hurts us because of what God does in and through it.  If I were writing this post today I would include that in the list.  Thank God for the difficulties and pain of life because He works in every situation for our good.  I am especially thankful today for a husband that loves our Lord.  God has done a mighty work in both of us.  To Him Be The Glory!

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  1. Good advice Stephanie. Isn't it wonderful that God can take all hurt away and heal all the pain. God bless.



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