Saturday, November 5, 2011

Here's a fun idea we tried the other day.
Olivia whipped up some pancake batter.
We found our fall cookie cutters.
We sprayed the cookie cutters and the griddle with a little Pam and poured the batter inside.
And there you have it...Autumn pancakes!
Even better with a little syrup!

I understand there are shaped pancake makers sold in stores and now I will be looking for those!  This worked out okay but I'm sure it would be better if they weren't quite as thick and if there was some sort of lip to get the pancake out of the shape easier.  It was a tad bit tricky getting the pancake out of the cookie cutter.  This is fun though and once I started thinking about it I came up with a ton of ideas for this.  Imagine...birthday pancakes and zoo pancakes and Christmas pancakes and every other fun thing!  You could drop a few mini chocolate chips in for eyes or buttons on a gingerbread man or put sprinkles on a birthday cake or add a little spray whipped cream for a snowman pancake.  The kiddos are sure to love it!

1 comment:

  1. Looks yummy and fun. You could cover them with pure NH maple syrup and that would be wonderful too! (I know where you can get some! ;)



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