Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Motivation #9

This week's challenge is a real challenge for me, as all 8 have been so far.  It may be nothing to you, but it's going to hurt me.  I wanted to do something health related this week as I am seeking to live healthier.  It occurred to me that I need to start getting rid of some bad habits and replacing them with better ones. 

Join me for this week's challenge:


For me that soda...specifically, NO Dr. Pepper.  For the next 7 days I will drink no soda, not even diet.  Oh, I know, some of you are saying what's the big deal?  If you know me well, you aren't saying that.  I love Dr. Pepper and I drink it all the time.  The problem is it's bad for me, a terrible example to my children, and it's making me fat.  So, I'm not drinking any Dr. Pepper this week and I'm replacing it with water.  Every time I would normally reach for a Dr. Pepper, (when I drive to soccer practices, when I work on the computer, while I am cleaning, as I grade school work, every time I make a phone call...oh this is bad) I will pour myself a nice cold glass of water.  My hope is that during the next 7 days I will be able to make myself a new habit and will continue to live this way into the future.  This has been the goal of all of the challenges.  Each Monday Motivation has started something that I have continued week after week.  I'm still working on smiling at my family, and exercising, and keeping the laundry under control, and staying caught up on appointments, and respecting my husband, etc., etc.   I hope you are too!

While we are on the topic of past challenges I just want to say that last week's challenge was a real blessing for me.  If you don't remember, last week the challenge was to not get on the computer if we had not had time for prayer and bible study.  The Lord really blessed me through my morning time with Him last week.  Each morning I refused to even look at the computer until after I had my time with Him.  It felt great to have my day in the right order and to soak up His goodness before looking at my email, or bank account, or blog.  I will definitely keep the no bible/prayer time = no computer rule for myself.

Here are some verses the Lord showed me that reinforced for me what last Monday's Motivation was all about.  These verses encourage me to start my day with God.
Psalm 4:4  Tremble and do not sin;  Meditate in your heart upon your bed, and be still. 
Psalm 5:3  In the morning, O Lord, Thou wilt hear my voice;  In the morning I will order my prayer to Thee and eagerly watch.
Psalm 119:147  I rise before dawn and cry for help; I wait for Thy words.

I'm curious to know what bad habit you might want to give up this week.  I'd love to hear from you!  As always feel free to comment here or if you'd like a little more privacy you can slip it into my inbox.

Have a fantastic week!!

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