Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Spring Decorating


I am sooo glad Spring is here!  Aren't you???  It's a beautiful, sunny day here in my neck of the woods.  I've had the pleasure of being outside several times today and it's so warm it makes me smile!

On that exciting note, I have a few Spring decorating pictures to share.  I've done only a bit of decorating, as we have been superdy duperdy busy, but I will show you what I've got.  I would love to see/hear what you are doing to usher in springtime too.  Feel free to leave links in my comment section or slide some pictures into my inbox.

(About that "super duper busy" thing...
I haven't had near the time to write that I would prefer.  I'm trying to keep things in proper order - My honey, my kids, our home, our school.  You know, clean underwear for my family and food on the table comes before blogging and that sort of thing.  So, if something is going to get neglected, it's my blog.  If you're checking here for new posts just know that spring is usually a busier time for me and I will get back to regular blogging soon.)

Here are a few shots of my Spring spruce up.

I've always thought it terribly difficult to decorate around electronics.  I hate the way electronics look with primitive decorating but they are a necessary evil, I suppose.

I had planned on making a banner, and had even purchased all my supplies, then I found this one.  I loved it so much I decided to put my banner making plans on hold.

I've been wanting to do a Peeps craft ever since one of my friends did this one a couple of years ago.  I put mine together the other day and it was pretty fun.  Eventually I will let the kids eat it, but for now it's just so fun to look at.

I've shown you this area by our front door in other decorating posts.  I change out the decor frequently.  It's the perfect little corner to put holiday goodies in.

The thing you see on the middle shelf is my bunny train.  I've had it for 20 years and the kids love it.  Every car on the train opens up, even the caboose.

This hutch sits in our family room and serves many different purposes throughout the year.  For right now I've got a bunny tucked in one corner and Easter books ready for reading at the other end.

Speaking of Easter books, here are some of our favorites.  All of these we've had for a long time.  We enjoy getting out our box of Easter books every Spring and re-reading our favorites.

And, every year we take a look at our Resurrection Eggs.  We've had these for close to 20 years also and we adore them.  It's one of our most loved traditions.

The girls and I made this little Easter tree for their bedroom.  It sits on their dresser and is bright and cheerful.  We simply hung plastic eggs with fishing line on a little tree I picked up on clearance.

I've just started to work on our front porch.  These cute little bunnies sit on a bench near the door and the wreath is one I made last year.

These last two pictures have nothing to do with Easter really.  They are just some new additions to my porch.  I'm showing them to you because (a) I love them and (b) to remind you that you can inexpensively add a little spring spruce up to your porch too!  Both of these items were under $20.  Little things can make a big difference especially on your front porch/door area where you greet your guests.  With each change of season I like to add a little something different to liven things up.  It's nice to hang a wreath on the door or to change out the welcome mat.  A good sweep and clean is always nice too.  Add a little something new to your front porch and see how it makes that area feel.  By the way, the rug is from Kirkland's and I believe it was $10.99.  The mail drop is from Hobby Lobby and if I remember correctly was $5.99.  See what I mean?  Cheap and easy, just the way I like it!

Happy Spring decorating!  Please send me photos of YOUR latest projects.


  1. It looks so nice. Happy spring!

  2. Thank you, Jen. Happy Spring to you too!!

  3. Your home looks beautiful. You should publish a book on home decorating:)



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