Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eli's NASCAR Birthday

I'm still planning to finish up the Avoiding Burnout series, tell you why my No Yelling Challenge was a fail, and show you my Spring mantle, but for today, I have pictures of Eli's 12th birthday to share.  (How can my baby boy be 12?  It doesn't even seem possible!)

Eli is NASCAR crazy right now so we took him to the NASCAR Speedpark to celebrate turning 12.  We stayed there for 10 hours.  Yes we did.  At least I left there knowing we got our money's worth (we also left there sunburned, sore, and tired - that too).

We did a little more celebrating the next day at our house on his actual birth date.  Keeping with the NASCAR theme, here's what we did.

The girls and I decorated the dining room.

Our NASCAR themed menu, as chosen by Eli, consisted of chili dogs, chips, carrot sticks, and pickles.

And of course, cake and ice-cream!

Happy Birthday, Eli!  We love you so much!!

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