Friday, March 21, 2014

Avoiding Burnout - Do Less

The weekend is here already!  I think I'm glad.  I've had a rough week this week.  Rougher than rough, actually.  I'm pretty beaten down.  My honey and I have decided to pack up our half dozen youngins and head out of town for a couple of days.  We are happy to be getting away for a little rest and relaxation and play time.  I hope you've got something fun planned with your family this weekend too.  Let's plan to meet back here next week refreshed, okay?

I'm still writing this little series on how to avoid that overwhelmed, burned out, worn out, frazzled feeling.  Tonight I'm going to jot down a couple more ideas.  I hope something I write helps you.  If it matters, I've been pretty worn out and frazzled since I started writing this series so this stuff is fresh!  

  1. Do less and do it well.  I've learned (and am still re-learning on occasion) that is better for me to do only a few things and do them well rather than try to take on the world.  In order to do well with the home education of my children I can't have a whole bunch of other irons in the fire.  My husband needs my help and that is my primary responsibility.  He needs his clothes ready for work, and his meals prepared, and his children cared for and educated - that is my most important job and I must do that well.  Aside from that job I can work in my church, or community, or some other ministry but I must not take on too much.  There are some questions we moms must ask ourselves when considering taking something on - which is better, quantity or quality?  Do I desire to please God or man?  People pleasing can get to any of us but as wives and mothers it is important to make sure we have our priorities in God's order.  Concentrate on doing a couple of things really well and when you have to say no - do it.  Sometimes you simply say, no for now.
  2. Give careful consideration to what you allow your children to be involved in.  Too many activities can swallow up all of your family time and make everyone stressed.  Make wise choices on what your kiddos can do outside of the home.  When our children were younger (and there were fewer of them) we had a rule that each child could only participate in one extra thing.  Over the years we have changed that a little because even when each child only participates in one thing that is six extra curricular activities!  We've come up with different arrangements over the years to make it work.  There's a way to balance, you just have to figure it out for your family.  Just remember, too many activities usually = tears ( yours, theirs, or both).  We've done some crazy stuff and have learned plenty from our dumb mistakes.  Don't try to do too much extra curricular stuff with the kids.  They really are happy digging in the dirt.  
One more thing before I let you go -  I must show you this!  See how a family of 11 does an incredible job organizing their 1100 square foot home.  Prepare to be amazed!

Have a cozy weekend!

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