Thursday, March 1, 2012

Springtime Cuteness

One of my favorite pals, who is also my neighbor, dropped in yesterday to show me her super cute project.  We've been discussing our itch to start decorating for spring and while I've been only dreaming, she has actually gotten started.  I loved her idea and asked to snap a picture to show it off on my blog. 

Just a little background information for you...this gal is super creative, has a house that looks like it came right off the pages of a magazine and she is ALWAYS crafting up something super cool.  I'm hoping as I hang out with her some of her cleverness rubs off on me.

Here's her cute idea...

Don't you just love it?  Jellybeans in the bottom and cute!  (During Christmas she had this same container sitting on the counter filled with peppermints.) 

This might get your mind flowing on spring decorating ideas.  It did mine.  Even an old mason jar filled with jellybeans and tied with ribbon would be a sweet addition to the table or mantle or kitchen counter.  Here in the south, spring has sprung.  We are enjoying temps in the 70's most days.  It is time to re-vamp the house with a little bit of springy-ness and I just can't wait!


  1. A cute idea! I'm so jealous. Temps in the 70's, we're having a major snow storm. Those candies would disappear very quickly in my house. Especially the jelly beans. I love jelly beans! I'd be the culprit. Thanks for sharing.
    ~blessings, Jennifer

  2. Hope you all are okay after all these storms. We heard that they were really hard in Hamilton County. They tore through our subdivision but only a few houses were hit. Mostly trees down. Not sure what part you guys are in but I think you all probably got it worse than us. Let us know if we can help. Just send us an email. Missy

  3. Thank you Missy. We are doing fine. The tornadoes did horrible damage to homes not far from us but our house was untouched. We feel very blessed. It is so kind of you to check on us. I'm glad to know you all are okay.



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