Monday, July 1, 2013

More Hours in My Day - Recommended Reading

Happy Monday morning to you!

For right now my husband isn't working on Mondays so I don't dread Monday mornings like I used to.  We get one more day out of our weekend and I actually love it.  Our only problem is deciding whether to work or to play on Mondays.  It's a battle between yard work and going to the Aquarium or a battle between housework and going swimming.  It's always a hard decision.  On one hand the hubs being home makes it a great day to get lots of things checked off the ever growing to-do list of household projects (i.e. - stain the deck, finish the front door, put down new mulch) on the other hand Daddy being home also makes it a great day for playing with the kids (i.e. - fishing, swimming, going to the park).  I tend to lean more toward playing on these days because I want to play with the kiddos as much as we possibly can, while we can, but there are the chores of life and the weeds in the flowerbeds must be dealt with.

I was thinking about my sister this morning.  She is gutting her kitchen today.  Not her alone, she and her husband and her hired kitchen renovators.  I was thinking of her packing away all her dishes and draping plastic over doorways.  Now THAT'S a Monday!  It will be a ton of work but the end result will be SO worth it.  Her kitchen is being stripped down to the bare bones.  For a while it may be a big mess but upon completion she gets a whole new floors, counter tops, cabinets, and paint.  I hope she took before pictures like her older, (wiser) sister told her too.  *wink*

So what's on your Monday?  I had considered going to pick berries today but I had nightmares last night about snakes.  Not just one, but several.  Those nightmares have dampened my enthusiasm for picking berries.

For this Monday's recommended reading I want to tell you about one of the most helpful books on my bookshelf - More Hours In My Day by Emilie Barnes.  If there is one thing I would really like to have it would be more hours in every day.  This book is the next best thing.  Since we are all going to have to make do with the 24 hours God gives us we might as well learn how to best use our time.  Emilie Barnes' book helped me get organized and manage my household many years ago and still helps me get back on track when I need it.  I keep this book where I can reach it easily for quick reference.  I have written before about it and you can read that HERE).

From the back cover - From general principles to specific suggestions, time-management expert Emilie Barnes guides you step-by-step to a less stressful, more organized life.  With wisdom and encouragement, she reveals her time-proven plan - including helpful charts, detailed instructions, and hundreds of ideas - to help you...
  • establish simple systems that save time and money
  • turn total mess into total rest
  • help your family function as a team
  • creatively love your husband, family, and friends.
Whether you work in or out of your home, the "More Hours in My Day" plan reveals how you can accomplish your goals and have more time for what you enjoy!

Order More Hours in My Day here.

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