Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July!

To many of you it may not feel like Independence Day.  If it's gray, cloudy and rainy at your house, like it is here, you might know what I'm talking about.  My honey already said it this morning, "It doesn't feel like the 4th of July".

So, what's there to do when it's raining on your parade?  Literally.

You could...

  • Decorate t-shirts.  There will be other summer events to wear your shirt to.
  • Read aloud with the kids.  We are reading THE 4TH OF JULY STORY today.
  • Make some Independence Day crafts.  These will be fun to use all summer long.
  • Work on a jigsaw puzzle.  We started one just a couple of days ago and I have a feeling we will make a lot of progress on it today.
  •  Decorate the house.  I made a 4th of July wreath to hang on the front door and we have a few other things to display.  We will eat on our red, white and blue tableware and use a patriotic tablecloth.
  • Watch a patriotic movie.  We borrowed Liberty's Kids from the library.  
  • And, if you are up to it...Fire up the grill!  My husband has been known to stand at the grill with an umbrella.  Hamburgers and Hot-dogs are on the menu for tonight and even if we can't eat them outside we will still grill.  
  • Invite friends over.  Misery loves company.  :)
Don't despair, an indoor 4th can still be a lot of fun!


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  1. Do you all like bluegrass? Our church is having a huge meal at 6:00, the music starts at 7:30 and then if the rain will hold off for just a bit we still hope to do fireworks. Also games for kids and stuff too inside. This was supposed to be a big event similar to what we had last year but now everything has been moved inside. Thought I would share in case you all are up to something this evening. I don't think it feels like the 4th either but I like your craft ideas and your wreath is really cute. Let's talk soon, Missy



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