Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Fun To-Do List

It's hard not to have fun during the summer, don't you think?

Our family has been working on our Summer Fun To-Do List.  Everyone helped.  We left a little white space just in case we thought of something else.  (I'm sure we will!)

Have you made a Summer Fun List with your family?  What's on yours?

Summer has a way of getting by very quickly.  We tend to have a lot of great ideas at the beginning of the summer and if I don't write them down we might let time slip away and not do them.  So...we are trying this.
My honey, believe it or not, really wants to make tye-dye tshirts and my oldest daughter wants to rent the cool new bikes downtown.  My sons want to fish, and I, of course, want to paint.  We wanted to include all the things we could think of so we've listed the simple and the not so simple - catching fireflies, going to the beach, making ice cream in a bag, taking a meal to someone, etc.

We hung our list on our "clothesline" in the hall.  Have I mentioned how much we've enjoyed our little clothesline?  It's so handy! We hang art work and school papers and pretty much anything we want. Right now in addition to our Summer Fun list we're hanging the graduation cards that are starting to roll in.

I decided to go with check-off boxes so we could see how many of the things we actually did.  Plus, there's a part of me that just loves checking things off a list.  

We've done a couple of the things already so I'm going to let the kids take turns with a big sharpie and put checks in the boxes.  We are finishing up our last night of VBS tonight and we've already been to the library to sign up for the summer reading program.

Summer Fun is underway!


  1. Ice cream in a bag= yum. :) I love the idea of having a "Summer to do list"!!! I hope y'all stay safe and have fun. :)

    1. Hope you all have a fun summer too, Geneva!

  2. Um...where is "visit Carrikers" on that list???



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