Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer Cooking

Summer is almost here, less than a month to go, in fact!  Our last day of "school" is scheduled for June 14th, although we do some subjects year 'round.  When summertime gets here we trade long school days for a couple of hours in the morning.  Keeping our schedule this way helps us to always be a little bit ahead.  It also gives us the flexibility to take days off any time during the months that are typically consider "school months".  The longer we homeschool (we are finishing up our 14th year) the less I care about what grade the kids are in, or what day or month it is, and the more I care about them knowing Christ, growing their brains, and developing Christian character.

Back to summer...
I've been thinking about my cooking and cleaning schedules for the summer and how I can get the most out of our days.  We get the most enjoyment out of our time when I am the most organized (and being organized just makes everything better all around).

I've decided to try something a little bit different with meal planning.  I'll share my summer cooking schedule with you today and my summertime cleaning schedule with you in the next post.

Here's what I'm going to give a go for the summer.

Meatless Mondays
Taco Tuesdays
Italian Wednesdays
Comfort Food Thursdays
Fun Fridays

(Tuesday nights aren't just for Tacos, by the way.  These nights are for Chicken Enchiladas, Burritos, Chalupa, Fajitas, etc.) 

Here's this week's plan:
Monday - Salad Bar
Tuesday - Chicken Tortilla Soup (crock-pot)
Wednesday - Cheesy Lasagna Soup (crock-pot)
Thursday - Cheesy Potato Puff & Ham Bake
Friday - Hamburgers (on the grill) with all the trimmings. 


  1. I just found your blog, and I love your fun summer meal plan. Thanks!

    1. Glad you stopped by, Laura. :) I have to change things up every now and then with my meal planning to keep it interesting. LOL! I figured if I at least knew what "type" of food we were eating each weeknight I could plan a little easier from there.


  2. I'm getting ready this week to also do some different summer schedules. We do school similar to you. I need to plan some meals that won't heat our house up so much in the summer. Looking forward to this Thursday!!!

    1. I'm looking sooooo forward to Thursday night! When I made my meal plan for this week I temporarily forgot about the recital. I will probably move that meal to next Thursday since we will be eating after the recital. Do you need any help with anything? We can come early if you do.



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