Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Building a Vision - Part 1

This post is written based on notes I took at a conference I attended several years ago.  The conference was led by The Maxwell Family.  I highly recommend their website and all of their resources.  You can find them here

As we think about building our homes we need to think about our vision. As Christian families we have to have a vision.  So many families don't have a vision.  It's like saying we are going on vacation but we don't know where we are going.  Without a vision it is very easy to start following the world.  

Here are some important steps for building a vision.
  • Understand God's calling
  • Spend time with the Lord every day
  • Glean from scripture what God wants for your family
  • Pray
  • Abide in Jesus
We must consider where our heart is.  Pour your heart out to God and then listen.  God will give us scripture for our families.  That scripture becomes our road map.  If we don't have a vision it is very difficult to discern God's voice above everyone else.  He wants to give us direction.  

It is helpful to write out a Vision Statement for your family.  I will share some of what we have for ours here.  Talk with your husband and pray about what your family Vision Statement should include.  

Joyfully serve others
Be obedient to God and parents
Pursue holiness
Court, not date
Be content
Love God's word
Our children to give their hearts to us
Be self-disciplined

Are we brave enough to hear the word of God, obey, trust Him and leave the results to Him?  If we are different we WILL be criticized.  Are you willing to be different?  To be fools for Christ?  What is the Lord calling you to do with your children?  God's word never fails!


  1. this is a wonderful post! so thankful that both of our families have visions for Christ!!

  2. I like what you have included in your vision statement. Our family is currently facing some potential changes and the important steps you list for building a vision are essential for us to follow as we decide what direction to take.

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. I think you have to keep looking at the directions (God's word)too. I feel like we marked our course for our family years ago. But as the kids get older we keep coming to these forks in the road and I have been forgetting which way to go. Taking the wrong turn here and there.

    Lord may your word be a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

    Love you guys!
    Angie A.



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