Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Cleaning Schedule

I mentioned my Summer Dinner Schedule...


Here's my Summer Cleaning Schedule.

MONDAY - Dust and vacuum
WEDNESDAY - Deep clean the kitchen
THURSDAY - Clean the bathrooms
FRIDAY - Change the sheets 

Do you cook and/or clean differently during the summer months?  Do you do more cleaning, or less?  Do you find you cook more or less in the summer?

I change my cooking and cleaning schedules a bit in the summer partly because we are doing less school and partly because I just like changing things up.  I still prepare three meals a day for my busy household during the summer but we eat a lot of salads and use the grill a lot more.  My crock-pot gets a workout year 'round.  I love it during the fall and winter months for hearty soups and stews and chili.  I love it just as much in the spring and summer months because it helps keep the kitchen cool.  Right now I've got Chicken Tortilla Soup cooking in my crock-pot and boy does the house smell good!  It only takes a few minutes to load up your crock-pot and then you can spend your day doing other things while dinner simmers.  When it's time to eat...voila!  Dinner is served!  :)

I try to do a little bit of extra cleaning during the summer simply because I have a little more time.  We aren't doing full time school so I have a few extra hours to do some scrubbing, or decluttering, or whatever.  Our school year cleaning is more upkeep and when summertime comes I can really get into some deep cleaning.  With eight people living in and sharing a home there is always plenty of cleaning to do.

So...what about you?  How is your schedule different during the summer?

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