Friday, January 4, 2013

Colin's Birthday Cake

This is a silly cake I made for my biggest boy.  If you don't know what Minecraft is then this must look really weird to you.  (Even if you do know what it is, it might look weird.)  Minecraft is a game my boys LOVE to play.  All I can really tell you is there are lots of blocks and building of castles and such.  The creepers are the "bad guys" of the game.  They can destroy what you build.  

They look like this:

I try to make the kids' birthdays special.  I always ask them what kind of cake they want and what kind of party they would like to have.  That is how we ended up with this birthday cake.  The wonderful thing about it was that Colin loved it.  He thought it was great!  *smile*

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  1. It's so fun to make the kids happy in these little loving ways isn't it? Happy birthday to Colin!



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