Friday, January 4, 2013

A Snapshot of Our Nest

Right now two sweet little girls are sitting in the kitchen floor crafting.  Tiny pieces of paper are all around as our 6 year old (almost 7) cuts out the pieces she needs for the hat she is making.  They sit in crushed Goldfish cracker crumbs since they have just shared a snack and the 18 month old drops as many as she eats.  Crayons roll up under the stove and little one just marked on the floor.

The oldest boy, now a man, works on the printer and fixes it!  Yes!  He has parts and papers all over the dining room table as he tests and waits and works.  He's calm and happy as he studies the manual, never rattled, rarely upset.

Another older boy is stretched out on his bed with his guitar, several books, and gum wrappers.  He plays and reads and unmakes his bed since his body requires every inch of space.  He's a quiet thinker.

Dad and two more boys burst through the door, coming home from a doctor's appointment.  A sweet 14 year old doesn't need his cast or crutches any longer.  The doctor says he's fixed and the x-rays confirm it.  Little man is talking a mile a minute as he throws his sweatshirt down and runs off to play.  Dad puts paper all over the kitchen and writes in the checkbook.  Shoes, jackets, hats, and paper quickly clutter up the coming in space.

The dishwasher is humming, the dryer is buzzing and the washer washes.  Everyone will be hungry in minutes and it's my job to serve up some something.  I just finished cleaning up breakfast.  I've got my lap-top and my coffee and I'm enjoying my day.  I'm loving what I see as I look around.  Yes, even the mess.  Our house is a cozy and happy nest. 

I'm reminded of this -

Messes mean there are people in my house.  I am not alone.
Dirty dishes mean there is food in our house.  We are not hungry.
Laundry means we have plenty of clothes to wear.
Diapers mean a baby; a sweet, lovable baby!
Books mean lots of reading and that makes this home school mama glad.
Toys mean childhood and for that I am so thankful!

I'm thankful for the messes, diapers, laundry, and dishes.  I wouldn't want it any other way.  I'm thankful for my work today as I take this snapshot of our nest.

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