Thursday, September 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

What makes your home sweet?  What will your children say about their childhood home when they are grown?  What is the atmosphere of your home?  How does your home appeal to the senses?  These are questions every mama should consider. 

 Here are some of my ideas for a sweet and cozy home.

Light candles.
Bake cookies, bread, or apple pie!
Play soft music.
Whisper instead of yelling.
Serve comfort food.
Turn off the TV.
Play a board game as a family.
Read books aloud.
Invite friends to visit.
Put clean sheets on the beds.
Keep the laundry caught up.
Banish clutter.
Hug each other!
Make crafts.
Pray together.
Provide fluffy towels and bubble bath.
Adopt a pet.
Plant flowers and vegetables.
Make birthdays fabulous.
Apologize and forgive quickly.
Store blankets in the family room for napping.
Use manners!
Go all out on holidays.
Cook with the kids.
Maintain clean bathrooms.
Decorate with family photographs and the children's artwork.
Focus on your marriage.  
Have tea parties.
Smile a lot and laugh often.
Simmer soups and stews and chili on the stove.
Set a pretty table for meals using the "good" stuff.
Fill your home with books.
Work on a jigsaw puzzle.
Develop family traditions.

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