Friday, July 20, 2012

The B Word, and What to Do About It!

Have your kids said the B word this summer?  Bored
If so, I've got some super fun ideas to eliminate the B-word from their vocabulary! you know what's really fun?  Melting random things in the oven!  Of course this project requires adult supervision.  And anyway, if you are going to make this really fun then play with your kids!

Put plastic beads in any kind of pan and bake for 10 minutes or so at 400 degrees.  When they are cool they pop right out of the pan.  My little gal made a hot plate and some coasters.  You could even make sun-catchers if you had some clear beads to add to the mix.

Aren't they cute?  *Bonus - this project is pretty much mess free!

There are not very many things more fun to a kid than a tent!  Especially the homemade kind.  I remember a neighbor's mom when I was a little girl, making us a tent with a very large sheet and her clothesline.  I loved her for it.

There are no rules for this project.  Anything goes!  Just make sure YOU play in the tent at least once.

Balloons are fun too and provide a lot of entertainment.

Get the kids cooking and baking!  They are learning and you get a night off in the kitchen.  Win-Win!

Make an Ice Age play-scape (or any kind really).
This is easy and doesn't cost a cent!

Let your imagination run wild!  I put water and food coloring in a glass casserole dish.

I added some little toys and lots of ice cubes.

I put it into my freezer drawer for a little while.

My oldest found this cute polar bear for me to use.  He's the best!  I got the bottom of the bear wet so he would freeze to the other toy.
After a while in the freezer my second oldest son helped me make some frosty snow.  (We were working on this in secret as it was a surprise for their little sister!)  That's a sharp knife and he is digging up the ice.

Cool huh?  Now you can't see the ice cubes.

It looks much more authentic now.
Back in the freezer overnight.

Won't she be so surprised when she sees this!?!

It's a great thing to play with outside too and when it starts to melt and gets a little "slushy" the fun is just beginning!  If it gets too liquid-y you can just return to the freezer.  This play-scape will last for days.  Our kiddos have played with it for several days and when they are finished they stick it back in the freezer.  When you get it out of the freezer it's a little different each time.  COOL!

There are hundreds of things you can do with your kids to help them with the B word.  Some days we make homemade juice-pops, other days we read a lot of books.  We make art projects almost every day and we do a lot of baking.  Play-dough is another favorite boredom fighter.  Help the kids start their own business, like a lemonade stand or dog walking.  Make some cards and go to the nursing home and visit.  Get the kids to help you make a meal plan and if they are old enough put them in charge of preparing dinner one night.  Plant flowers, (sunflowers are really fun) and catch lightning bugs at night.  Get glow in the dark sidewalk chalk and let the kids draw at night too.  Paint pet rocks, have a talent show or let the kids "camp" on the deck.  If all else fails, when your child is bored give him some cleaning jobs...dust the baseboards, clean a bathroom, etc.  Cleaning jobs usually cure boredom immediately!     

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