Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Minnie Mouse Party

This past weekend really wiped me out!  We had grandparents visiting from out of state, and a birthday party for our youngest, a soccer team end of year function, and church activities, and so forth and so on.  It was a wonderful weekend but the recovery has taken me just a bit longer than usual.  I'm washing all the sheets, blankets and towels that come along with overnight guests.  We're putting the house back together as we plow through dishes, newspaper, dirty clothes, and toys.  And now I'm happily posting some pictures I've meant to post since Friday.  How is it Tuesday already?   

Since I was the hostess of the birthday bash I failed to snap as many pictures as I would have liked.  One of my sons is usually very good about taking pictures but he was busy visiting with our party guests and didn't take many.  From now on when I host a birthday party I will make sure to designate a photographer.  (My honey was busy with the camcorder.)

Here is Clare's birthday cake.  

I baked a devil's food cake (2 layers) and slathered them with icing.  After stacking them together I lined Kit Kats all around the cake and put candy on top.  Lastly, I tied a ribbon around the outside.  I must say it was pretty tasty! 
(Devil's food cake mix, chocolate icing, raspberry m&ms, some little white candy I had, and ribbon from Hobby Lobby.)   

Here are some of the decorations we used.  I failed to get a picture of her cake table and I don't know how I let that happen.  Like I said before, I was the hostess so I guess I was busy talking and "hostessing" and forgot to take the pictures I wanted.  UGH- don't you hate when you do that?  I even forgot to take a picture of the cupcakes!  Anyhow...here's what I have.

We filled these containers with chips (in the bowl) and popcorn (in the pail).

The cupcakes went on the stand behind this Minnie.

Minnie sat in a chair near the gifts.  She was a gift for Clare Grace from her siblings.

  Here's our little sweetie.  (We were singing to her.)  This is also the only picture you are going to see of her Minnie Mouse cupcakes we made.  

The party was a lot of fun and we were glad to get to celebrate with family and friends!

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