Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday Dessert

Every Friday I make a special dessert for the kids.  There are other days of the week we eat dessert of course, but ALWAYS on Fridays.  Fridays around here are referred to as Moran Family Fun Night.  The older boys started saying that about 12 years ago.  We usually play games, have friends over, or do some other special thing.  I make a yummy dessert for this family night and everyone looks forward to it.  I'm usually making the dessert on Friday mornings while the kiddos are working on their school work (and Clare naps).  My being in the kitchen right across from the dining room where they are working always starts a lot of chatting about what we are going to be doing, or eating.  I usually have to remind them several times to settle...and get their work done.  It's fun for me to see how this little tradition makes them so happy.

This Friday's dessert was Ice Cream Bar Dessert.  This is so easy...and delicious, and great for a crowd! 

12 ice cream sandwiches
11 oz jar hot fudge sauce
12 oz pkg salted peanuts
12 oz jar caramel topping
8 oz container frozen whipped topping, thawed

Arrange ice cream sandwiches to cover the bottom of a 13x9 freezer-safe dish.
Spread with a layer of hot fudge sauce.

Sprinkle peanuts over the top.
Spread with caramel sauce.
Cover caramel sauce with a layer of whipped topping.
Slice into squares to serve.  Makes 24 servings.  Scrumptious!!


  1. It is! We love it! I've been wanting to talk with you about music lessons. I will email you. I think I still have your email address.

  2. I would love to talk with you through email but our computer is down and we only have my husbands lap top so I can't get to my emails right now. I'll get his email and send it to you so that would be a good way to contact me. Isn't that sad I have to ask him is email because for some reason I always leave something out when I give it out to people. I'll get back with you about it. I could also get messages through facebook. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Mothers Day tomorrow. Oh yeah and my kids wanted me to say they enjoyed those 1st birthday party pictures of your little sweetie!



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