Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Goals

It's May 1st {already} and I've decided to post my goals for the month.  Each month I set goals on the 1st day and evaluate my progress on the last day.  I promise to let you know how things turn out.   ~smile~
  1. Finish the writing curriculum with the kids.
  2. Learn how to french braid.
  3. Play more music in the house.
  4. Drink 8 glasses of water each day.
  5. Find a music teacher for the kids.
  6. Cut grocery bill to $200 per week.
  7. Finish the wall hanging.
  8. Do government unit study with the kids.
  9. Learn how to make hair bows.
  10. Eat out no more than 4 times.
  11. Get pictures hung in our bedroom.
  12. Be in bed every night no later than 12.
  13. Clean out little man's closet and donate his clothes.
  14. Exercise 6 times each week.
  15. Shop the Publix sale each Wednesday.
  16. Not miss any days of read aloud time.
  17. Get hanging baskets on the front porch.
  18. Catch up our photo albums.
I will admit some of these are going to be pretty hard, especially the grocery budget one.  Someone ( wish I could remember who) once said, "If you aim for nothing, you'll hit it every time". I might as well aim for something, right?  


  1. The grocery budget would be ideal for us too. Some months we are almost there but not quite. We are planning on doing the American Government Amanda Bennett unit study. What do you have planned for that? Also not sure what kind of music lessons you are planning for the kids but my husband has his degree in music not to mention a true love for music as do my girls. He has been teaching voice and Morgan has been teaching beginning piano. He also plans on starting to offer guitar in the Fall. This might be too far of a drive for you but just thought I would mention it. That's a great idea to do goals at the beginning of the month. I kind of do that in my head but putting it down on paper would be better for me I think. Blessings to you, Missy

  2. Do you get the Esprit? Cause there is always a ton of music teachers listed in the back of it! And.... i can show you how to franch braid, you'll just have to come over. ;)



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