Monday, April 30, 2012

The Good Portion, Which Will Not Be Taken Away

Do Mondays scare you?  They do me on occasion.  Every Monday requires a deep breath, this one requires several.  I sit down first thing every morning with my Bible, coffee, pen and paper.  I start putting the day together on paper after I read and pray.  This morning I could barely concentrate because of all the thoughts pinging around in my head.  After I had covered the front and back of a piece of paper with my to-do list, shopping list, and schedule, it hit me.  Satan is crafty.  He knows where to attack.  He isn't going to bother tempting me with drugs or alcohol, or pornography, or gambling, or stealing.  I'm not going to cheat or lie or murder anyone.  No, I know how to stay away from evil.  In fact, I hate it.  Satan will trick me using all the "good" stuff in my life.  He will try to distract me and pull me away from God.  He will use the good to keep me from hearing God's voice.  You see, it's not bad that I'm planning a birthday party or cleaning my house.  It's not evil to be a soccer mom.  However, if I allow my cooking and cleaning, soccer games, and baking to distract me to the point that I don't have time to read my bible, or in all of my errands and shopping I don't take any time to pray, Satan has a small victory.  He will use anything to keep us from walking closely with the Lord.  His goal is always to thwart the plans of God.  For Moms who love the Lord and their families Satan will even use laundry if he has to.  Whatever it takes to steal our peace or joy and keep us away from time with the Lord.  BEWARE Moms - Satan is prowling around seeking to destroy.  

Think Mary and Martha for a minute.  Read Luke 10:38-42.  Martha wasn't doing anything bad or evil was she?  Meals do have to be served.  Food isn't going to prepare itself and land on the table after all.  BUT, Jesus said that Mary had chosen that which is better.  Jesus said instead of fretting and worrying and being caught up in her work it would have been better for Martha to spend time with him.  I have a Martha struggle, always have.  Once I even got mad at my husband for spending so much time reading his bible and not helping me.  (I know, that is VERY embarrassing to admit, but I did.)  If Jesus says there is something better than what I'm doing I really should pay attention.  Time with Him is the best for us, even if that means a dirty oven and sticky floors.  I can't allow the good things, no matter how good they are, to take me away from the best.  

One last thing... we are going to reap what we sow in the lives of our children.  I've never heard of a mom reaping negative consequences in her children because she didn't keep her windows clean or her kitchen was a mess, but oh do I know of moms whose hearts are breaking and they regret not praying with their children, they regret not teaching their children the ways of God.  They would turn back time and let some of the to-do list go un-done if they could.  Children need us to show them the way.  The world is pointing them in the wrong direction and parents must take the time to teach and train and nurture relationships with their children while we can.  I have to remind myself often that the house and the laundry and the plans I make are not to be my top priority.   My walk with the Lord will show up in the lives of my children, good or bad.  

I'm making it a priority to spend time with the Lord this week even though my week has the potential to be my busiest week ever.  Make it a priority in yours and enjoy the good portion which will not be taken away!

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