Sunday, February 16, 2014

Everything and So Much More

I was reminded last week just how hard the job of parenting really is.  We had some bumpy days that left me feeling like I had no idea how to be a mom.  There was an incidence of he said/he said that was just no fun.  It took way too long to get resolved and I'm certain I did not handle all of the particulars right.  Sometimes it is difficult to figure out the right way to do things.

In all of our bumping around I thought again about how thankful I am to have God's written word and how applicable it is to every circumstance in our lives.  I pray we would never take that for granted!

If you are feeling discouraged (perhaps I should say when) remember that God loves you so much.  He has given you everything you need to get this parenting job done.  You can trust Him.  Oh for grace to trust Him more!

He is the answer when questions mount.
He is peace when your world feels crazy.
He is joy when you want to cry.
He is restoration when you break.
He is forgiveness when you mess up.
He is healing when you hurt.
He is hope when you want to quit.
He is redemption when you blow it.
He is strength when you are weak.
He is a refuge when you fear.
He is your provision when you can see none.
He is shelter when storms come.
He is a smooth path when your way seems rocky.
He is light when you grope in darkness.
He is fullness when you feel empty.
He is help when you are in trouble.
He is everything and so much more.


  1. So very encouraging. Do you mind if I copy it down and put it in the front of my home management notebook? Missy

  2. You certainly can copy it down, Missy. I'm glad you were encouraged. I was doing a little thinking and writing on Sunday and that's what I came up with. The Lord Jesus really is our everything!



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