Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

We did a little celebrating this morning.  Here are a few pictures...

I love to get up earlier than everyone else on Valentine's Day and set a special table.  The kids had bags from their Daddy and I, plus cards from their grandparents.  My honey supplied the flowers and I had picked up some plates, cups, and napkins.  *I will be sure to hit some of my favorite spots this weekend (Hobby Lobby, Target) and pick up some clearance Valentine's Day items to save for next year.  I always do that and it saves a lot of dough.*

The best mornings start out with me and my honey sharing a cup of coffee.  Today I used our red and white mugs.

Daddy bought donuts and led our Bible time and prayer.  He's the best!!

This was a gift from one of our boys to me.  I'm certainly not deserving of this title but I love this cup!

He even filled it with one of my favorites!

I hope whatever you are doing today you will make it super cozy.  Love the ones you love a little bit extra today.  Don't forget to tell your honey how wonderful he is and how much you love him!!

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