Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have you got special plans tonight?  Are you hoping against hope your husband remembers and does something to recognize this day?  Did you do something for him?  Why not get busy right now, if you haven't already, and make plans to do something really fantastic for your husband and kiddos?  Any small gesture will bring your family closer and thrill your children and you do not have to spend a lot of money.  You don't have to go to the card store and spend a load on cards. (man - aren't they expensive!)  How about making your own cards?  Our family does this and it is a lot of fun.  I could spend $20 easily on cards if I bought one for each member of my family but I would rather make them myself and write exactly what I want to and use that $20 in some other way.  Nothing wrong with store bought cards of course, they are beautiful and special to receive.  I am just making suggestions if you are on a budget, like me. 

What's for dinner tonight?  Are you going out with just your honey?  Or making dinner at home?  My plans for today are to clean up the house, decorate the dining room and serve a special dinner to my family.  I'm making a family favorite, Spaghetti Casserole, with salad and garlic bread.  We have a special Valentine tablecloth and we will be eating on red, heart-shaped plates.  I try to make the dinner as "red" as possible so we will be drinking red kool-aid (the kids will, my honey and I will drink tea) and I will serve a red dessert - cherry cheese cake.  After we finish dinner and dessert we will exchange Valentines. 

Anything you make heart-shaped today would be a huge hit with the children.  How about heart shaped pizzas or heart shaped sugar cookies?  You could decorate the cookies yourself or give the children lots of goodies and let them get to work on the decorating.  A simple construction paper heart next to each plate with "I love you" written on it will add a sweet touch to the dinner table.  And of course, candles would be romantic.  Do you have china or special dishes you don't use often?  Use them tonight at dinner.  Think about all the things you love about your husband and then write them in a letter or in list form.  Put the list in a pretty envelope and put it by his plate or on his pillow.  

Don't buy into the world's idea of the perfect Valentine's Day and expect your husband to come home from work with jewelry and flowers.  If he does, great!  If not, focus on what you can do for him and all the wonderful qualities he possesses.  Play a game as a family after dinner.  How about making Valentine Bingo Cards and use conversation hearts to cover the spaces.  Read the love chapter in the bible, 1 Corinthians 13, and talk about ways your family members can show love to one another.  Set up a cupcake buffet and let the kids decorate Valentine cupcakes.  Make the cupcakes ahead of time and then set out icing and toppings.  Try cinnamon hots, red and pink sprinkles, and conversation hearts.  Put the kids to bed early, or at least right on time, and spend some time alone with your honey.  Maybe you want to wear something pretty tonight.  (I should probably forgo my norm of t-shirt and pajama pants!)  

Whatever you do today or tonight make it special and add delightful memories to your children's memory banks.  Love your husband well!  You will reap what you sow!

Have a very cozy day with your family!!

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