Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Motivation #6

THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE:  Start getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Yes, you read that correctly.  This week we are going to start getting ready for the holidays and since Thanksgiving is up first, we will start there.

This week decide where you will be spending Thanksgiving.  Are you traveling?  If so, work on making a list of what you will need to pack.  Decide when you will be leaving and returning home.  Determine who will care for your pets and if necessary book airline tickets or schedule vehicle maintenance.  Are you staying home?  Are you having company?  This week start working on your menu plan and from that develop your shopping list.  As you do your normal grocery shopping pick up a few things that are on your Thanksgiving list.  Make a list of things you need for your home also.  Do you need a new tablecloth?  Or if you are having company from out of town, do you need to purchase an air-mattress or a new set of sheets?  Having a list and picking these things up little by little, instead of buying it all at once, will be easier on your wallet.

Challenge yourself to do as many of these things (as they apply to you) this week as you can.

For travelers:
  • Decide (with hubby) where you will spend Thanksgiving
  • Plan for pet sitter or boarding
  • Book airline tickets
  • Schedule oil change and other maintenance for vehicle
  • Make a list of things to pack for each member of the family
  • Consider how you may contribute to the meal
  • Buy hostess gift
A neat hostess gift...fill a basket with treats and such that the hostess would most likely never buy for herself.  Expensive chocolate, special nuts, flavored coffee. Add a candle, or some potpourri, or even a cute Christmas ornament as most folks decorate their Christmas tree shortly after Thanksgiving.

For hostesses:
  • Make a menu plan
  • Develop a grocery list
  • Take inventory of linen closet (towels?  bed sheets?  tablecloth?)
  • Pick up a few things on your list when you do your regular grocery shopping
  • Phone family/friends you want to invite
  • Make a list of projects you want done around the house (painting, repairs)

It's never too soon to start getting ready for the holidays.  By inviting your guests and planning your menu this week you will have a good head start on Thanksgiving.

 Knowing what you are serving enables you to begin shopping for needed ingredients and I personally think it is so fun to go through the recipe cards and choose which things to make.  (I like to do this while sipping some warm apple cider.  It gets me in the mood!)
Instead of running around at the last minute looking for an air mattress, or trying to get an appointment with your mechanic, or going store to store in search of canned pumpkin,  you can rest easily because you took care of these things in advance.

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  1. We actually started our Thanksgiving Unit Study this morning and we also had planned getting out our Fall decorations but then realized they were in the attic so that will probably wait till Friday. We love all your pretty decorations too. I enjoy that primitive /country style in decorating.



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