Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Motivation #5

I know...I'm really late getting this up today.  If I waited much longer it was going to be Tuesday Motivation and that doesn't sound nearly as clever and I sure don't have time to think of something smart to go with Tuesday.  I didn't even come up with the name "Monday Motivation".  A cute little (huge, actually) 14 year old boy who lives in my house came up with that.   Today has been a joyfully busy day and this is the first time I have had a chance to go near my laptop.  With it being Columbus Day I decided to add a little extra fun into our school time so we read 3 books about Christopher Columbus followed by coloring little Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria ships.  Needless to say our school day took extra time and we also had a delightful visit from a neighbor and...and...and, well suddenly it's evening.

I am so excited that we are on the 5th Monday of doing challenges and I'm thrilled with the feedback I'm getting from those of you following along.  Last WEEK I scheduled a plethora of appointments.   I will be running around a lot for the next few weeks, but at least I will be doing so with kids who have clean teeth and they will even be able to see where we are going!

THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE:  Do something to encourage your husband every single day this week.

 Our husbands work hard and need to know they are appreciated.  They are gifts from God and it is our job to let them know how thankful we are God placed them in our lives.  Our husbands deserve to be the kings of their castles so let's work this week toward making them just that!

Here are a few ideas I came up while I was thinking about this week's challenge.
  • Leave him a sweet note praising him as a father.  Think of specifics.
  • Dress more femininely, lose the sweats. 
  • Fix his favorite meal.  Consider adding candles to the table.
  • Iron his work clothes. 
  • Write him a long love letter.
  • Make a list of all the things you love about him and tuck it somewhere for him to find.
  • Give him a back rub.
  • Listen to him.  My husband has been going through a very difficult time recently and he loves for me to listen.  I have to stop and choose to do this otherwise I stay busy with the house and children.
  • SUBMIT.  Is there an area that you and your husband disagree on?  Something he has asked you to do?  Or not do?  Is it an issue with the family budget or the house?  Try submitting!  There is blessing in obedience to God and to our husbands.  I have found when I submit and stop fighting for the way I think is best there are tremendous blessings!......ask me sometime and I'll tell you my story.
  • Pray for him.  Ask him what his needs, fears, and concerns are and commit to praying for him daily.  Thank God for him every chance you get!
  • Do some of his chores for him so he doesn't have so much to do when he is off work.  My husband works a lot.  I try to do something for him that he needs to get done on his off day.  He is always so happy when I say, "Oh, I've already taken care of that".
  • Put a note in his lunch if he packs.  This one is so easy and will certainly be appreciated.
  • Make his favorite dessert.  Share it after the kids go to bed.
  • Send him a card to his work.
  • Throw his towel in the dryer while he showers and hand it to him warm and fresh.
  • Plan a date night.
  • Clean out his car.
  • Straighten the house and freshen up right before he comes home from work.  One day right before going into Walmart I pulled out my mirror and applied some lipstick.  I always do.  My husband said to me, "Do you do that right before I come home from work?".  
  • Show him respect.  Watch your tone and response and let him be the leader.
  • Make his coffee and breakfast. 
  • Tell him you are glad he is home when he comes in and wait until later to discuss anything negative.
  • Do what he wants to do instead of doing your own thing.  If necessary turn off the TV or computer or get off the phone.  Tell your friends when your husband comes home from work you've got to hang up.
I know you will think of many more ways to encourage your husband and I would love if you would comment on them here. 

Have a great week loving your hubby!

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