Thursday, September 8, 2011


Birthdays are coming around way too quickly here.  The years go by faster and faster it seems.  Our 3rd oldest just turned 13 on Saturday and I can hardly believe it!

We really love birthday traditions in our family.  The kids always pick out their favorite breakfast for their birthday morning and enjoy eating from a special birthday plate

 and we always blow up the big birthday cake inflatable in the yard.

 This year for Nic's 13th we weren't sure if we should put it up or not until he came to us and said, "You are going to blow up the birthday cake in the yard aren't you?".   We were happy to do it!  My husband was actually relieved that he still wanted us to.

 Our goal for each birthday in our family is to make the birthday child feel really special.  We want that child to know how much they mean to us and how much we all love them.  We make birthday signs to hang around the house that we all help decorate.  Sometimes we put balloons in the birthday child's room at night while they are sleeping for them to find when they wake up on their birthday.  We usually have everyone write notes to the birthday child and my hubby and I pick out a special Bible verse for each child on their birthday.  I usually make a note in my Bible to whom the verse was given and the date.  This year we made a special poster and now all of the kids want it to be a new tradition as well so they can all get one.

Nic asked that we make stuffed crust pizza for his birthday meal and everyone loves to help out with making pizzas.

If you want our recipe for making stuffed crust pizza you can find it HERE.

At our house you get to choose any kind of birthday cake you want (or birthday pie, as some have chosen).  We've made all kinds around here but this year Nic wanted simple chocolate.  We sing every year, no matter what.  The kids love it even though it is silly.  And we usually round out the birthday with presents.  My husband likes to put that part off as long as possible to increase the anticipation.  This year he really surprised Nic.    Nic asked for an air soft gun but we told him no.  He also asked for a lot of soccer stuff that he needs.  We planned to buy him things for soccer but at the last minute my husband changed his mind.  I didn't really want to do the gun thing but since I am working on being a submissive wife I thought it best to let my husband be the decision maker.  And, being the mom in a house full of boys sometimes I just have to cave.  Nic was SHOCKED, especially since I had told him he was not getting an air soft gun.  My husband loved surprising him and has loved playing with the guns too!  We somehow ended up buying Nic three, not one.  ahem ~ guess it's not all about Nic.  *smile*


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  1. Happy birthday to Nic. My son loves airsoft too.



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