Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stuffed Crust Pizza

Homemade pizza nights are an event at our house.  Everyone loves when we make homemade pizza, even my honey!  For a long time now we have been making stuffed crust pizza and I want to share with you our super easy shortcut!  

All you need are a few simple items:

1.  Whatever you use to make crust.   (If you want to make this really easy you can buy Pillsbury Pizza Crust in a can.  There are ALWAYS coupons available for this.)

2.  Mozzarella cheese sticks

3.  Pizza sauce

4.  Any toppings your family likes.  We usually do pepperoni, green pepper, onion and any other ingredients we have on hand. 

 5.  Shredded mozzarella cheese

Roll crust out onto pan.

  Roll cheese sticks up into sides of crust along the edges.

 Spread sauce all over crust.

Sprinkle cheese.  Add toppings.

Bake according to directions for your crust.  (If you use Pillsbury crust, 15 minutes at 425 degrees.)

So easy and so delicious!!  I haven't actually been the one making these pizzas for quite some time.  The children always do it and I just supervise.  They love to make them and if I made the pizzas for them they would be upset.  Just as I am getting the ingredients out of the fridge one will say from the other room, "Don't start without me"!   Making pizzas together is a fun family activity and I always say the best memories are made in the kitchen!

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  1. Oh my! How good this looks! I have only had stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut. I never though to try making our own. We are going to have try this. Thanks for sharing.

    I have enjoyed visiting from Raising Homemakers and would like to follow your blog and read more of your post.




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