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Top Picks 6th - 8th Grade

I promised this post a long time ago....before baby....before move. 

So, here it is.  Finally! 

I'm doing my best to catch up on promised posts.  (Pictures of the house are coming...I haven't forgotten!) 
Here are our favorites for 6th - 8th grade.  As I have said before, this is not every single thing we used with each child for each grade, just some of our top picks!

THE BRONZE BOW - Elizabeth Speare

THE HIDING PLACE  - Corrie ten Boom



THE DOOR IN THE WALL - Marguerite de Angeli

SAXON Math Texts
Alpha Omega Language Arts
Learning Language Arts Through Literature
Spectrum Phonics (6th grade)



One thing we started doing in the 6th grade was having the kids keep journals.  We've done regular write about your day journals, and weather journals, and prayer journals.  The main thing for us was just to get the kids writing.  (It so much fun to go back a few years later and read these!)

We also continue to do a lot of field trips during the 6th, 7th and 8th grade years.  I'm always looking for a good science field trip.  The children also take music lessons, and participate in family Bible studies, and start their own businesses during these years.  Our boys have had success with lawn mowing businesses as well as a dog walking business.  Teaching the children to work and to be responsible is as important to us as diagramming sentences, even more so!  The children have an increasing amount of work they are responsible for within the family and this is also an important part of our home-school.  All of the children have an area of the home they are responsible for cleaning and keeping up.   During the 6th - 8th grades we continue teaching cooking, baking, and we teach the children how to do laundry.  Anything Dad is doing, he teaches the boys how to do also.  (changing a tire, fixing the dryer, taking care of an errand, etc.)  It's important also during these years to make sure the children are learning about keeping their hearts pure as well as studying a good text on health.  Habits are forming now that have a life-long impact.  We like this book for health

and this is one of our all time favorites for keeping children's hearts.

"School"  becomes even more intertwined into LIFE during these years.  Our home school work does involve text-books but it is so much more than that!

Here is another favorite book......

Small Business Ideas for Kids   written by Fifteen Year Old Daryl Bernstein

We also love.......

This book has everything you need to know about building tree houses, tying knots, identifying insects, and A WHOLE LOT MORE!

I'm including 2 of our reading lists.  I encourage you to make up a reading list each year and have your children read as much as possible. These lists are required reading and the children read lots of other books of their own choosing as well.

6th Grade Reading List:

The Story of My Life, Keller

Little Men/Little Women, Alcott

Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, Sydney

The Secret Garden, Burnett

Narnia Series, Lewis

Wind in the Willows, Grahame

Caddie Woodlawn, Brink

Across Five Aprils, Hunt

7th Grade Reading List:

Robinson Crusoe, Defoe

Heidi, Spyri

Treasure Island, Stevenson

Black Beauty, Sewell

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Verne

My Side of the Mountain, George

Summer of the Swans, Byers

Happy Home-Schooling! 

You can order any of the books listed in this post HERE
Thank you!


  1. Keeping Our Childrens Hearts is also one of our favorites. I seem to reread it quite a bit. Have you seen the Maxwell family in person. We have tried a couple times but it didn't work out. They will be in Pigeon Forge and Alabama next month. Would love to see them and talk with them at a conference.

  2. Hi Missy, We did see the Maxwells at their Encouragement for the Homeschool Family Conference in Snellville, GA back in 2009. It was the best conference we have ever been to and we learned so much. We still talk about it all the time. If you have an opportunity to attend one of their conferences you should definitely try to go.



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