Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Wreath

I finally finished up my wreath.  Yay!!

I've shown you this kind of cupcake liner wreath before.  They're very easy to whip up.  

I used a styrofoam (14x2 - 1/2x2") beveled wreath and two (1.5 x 4 yds) of rolls of ribbon.  The only other thing you need are some cupcake liners and a glue gun.

Cover the wreath in ribbon.

Then start gluing your cupcake liners in little sections all around the wreath.

I fold mine up like this and stick it in a little blob of glue.

I like to leave a little space open at the top of the wreath to put a piece of coordinating ribbon for a hanger.

Put as many cupcake liners on as you like.  I used between 100 and 150.
Then hang on your door (or wherever)!

Easy - Peasy (my favorite kind of craft project)!

My girls have been busy making some pretty 4th of July candle holders and I will show you those tomorrow.

Happy 4th!

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