Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bathroom Do-Over

I just finished up a re-do on the boy bathroom.  This is the bath our four sons share.  I had worked on it before but I wasn't entirely pleased so I tweaked it up.

Since everyone seems to love before/after pics, this post should make everyone happy.  That's my job, make everyone happy??  hahahahaha!

(I just love that.)

Back to the bathroom.

Here's the before: 

Beige walls, navy shower curtain and not much else.  Pretty boring.

I had hung this little sign I love (I really should start charging, you know) and I knew we were going to need extra towel space with four boys so I picked up these hooks.  

The first thing I did for this bath was change the paint color.  This probably looks really white to you but it's actually an off-white.  It's whiter than I planned but that ended up working out perfectly.

Next, I shopped for a new shower curtain.  I'm not one to buy the first thing I see no matter how much I love it.  I'm a bargain shopper.  If you keep your eyes open you can always find deals.  I had been looking for a shower curtain for a while but I was determined to stay under $20.  I found this one for $17.  

Now the whole bathroom seems lighter and airy and fresh.  This curtain was acceptable to the boys but also works for the times when this room doubles as a guest bathroom.  Just by repainting (an inexpensive way to change any room) and replacing the shower curtain the room got larger - or so it seems.  

I found a clock (I love) on a clearance table.  It was a big table piled with junk that I almost passed by but I decided to stop and take a look and boy am I glad I did!  The original price was $24.99 but I picked it up for $7.48!  It's pretty large and it has sort of a bottle-cap look to it.  The boys love it.  They told me they were always leaving the bathroom to go to their rooms to check the time.  Now they can just look up!

Any household find under $10 is a good find to me!

I happened upon a "white" sale at Target and even though I wasn't purchasing anything white I was happy to get 20 percent off the rugs and towels I purchased.  I went with chocolate brown towels and blue/green rugs.

This do-over was so simple and fun.  Any projects going on at your house this weekend??

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