Friday, September 20, 2013

Civil War Unit Study

We have thoroughly enjoyed our studies so far.  It's been an educational adventure for the whole family - the very thing I love about homeschooling!

I promised to give you the basics of what we are doing, so here it is.  Let me know if you have any questions.

We have read  The Civil War - An Interactive History Adventure by Matt Doeden.  This was a neat book for us.  The kids loved taking turns making choices and hearing the outcomes.  I loved that they always wanted me to read more.

We made a Civil War time line with index cards.  Everyone has been referring to this to help study for quizzes.  It's near where we eat so there are plenty of opportunities.  :)

We visited a living history day at the Tunnel Hill Heritage Center and Historic Railroad Tunnel.  This we loved!

We've also read Civil War Cooking: The Confederacy by Susan Dosier.  We really enjoyed this book.  It's full of good stuff, not just recipes.

We are using a Dover Discovery Kit.  (The kids LOVE this.)

Right now we are reading US Kids History:  Book of the American Civil War.  

We are also enjoying an American History Playing Card Deck.

Up next we will be reading The Battle of Chattanooga by David C. King.

I just love unit studies!  Do you?


  1. Unit studies are great fun. Especially when you can incorporate it into all grade levels. Looks really nice.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. Yes, unit studies are a lot of fun and certainly help when you are teaching different ages. I've got several planned for this year.

      Happy Fall to you! I bet the weather is beautiful up your way.

  2. This looks so fun. If we lived close... well, you know. I can't wait to teach History. I know so very little.

    Speaking of history, and cool opportunities coming to Chattanooga, I just got my first "God's World News" magazines and there is an article about replicas of the Nina and Pinta, crafted in Brazil using traditional tools and methods. The ships are traveling to various American ports so people can go aboard, explore, and learn about Columbus' voyage. The article says the ships will be in various plaaces, including Chattanooga and Huntsville AL and Knoxville between October and December. See if you can find out when and where. That sounds like a fantastic field trip to me!

    1. I had heard about the ships coming and I am pumped! I have a Columbus study planned for October!!! They open on Friday, October 11th and will be docked at the Chattanooga Pier near the Aquarium. They depart Monday, October 21st. Come on down! :)



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