Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Busy Days, Best Days

These are busy days aren't they?

Did you know these are also the best days of our lives?

As busy mamas the workload can seem overwhelming at times.  The numerous trips to the grocery store, stacks of school books, and clean laundry that needs folding can almost make a gal feel like she's drowning.

But, these are the happiest, best days of our lives.

Are you thanking God for the busy or grumbling against it?

 I think we should be thankful for those baskets of laundry - there are many little bodies in our home.

We should enjoy teaching those sweet hands to work.  A lot of children are missing out on these lessons.  But ours, we get to teach them to work - and chat about all sorts of things while we're at it.

We should be thankful for a simple supper and those God has given us to share it with, and even all those dirty dishes!

The blessing of children is a gift straight from God.  Yes, the work is great, but so are the blessings!  There may be many who don't understand this choice to leave the womb open to God, but He understands and He rewards.  The fruit of the womb is His reward!

Perhaps, without children (or maybe this many) there would be more quiet, more peace, more money.  But oh, who would trade for such things?

Our home is filled with more love than our walls can hold.  Our dining room table gets loud with chatter but there's no lack of smiles or thank yous or laughs.  Blessed are we, beyond anything we could have imagined, beyond anything we deserve.

Thank God for the busy, the work, the to-do list, the spelling tests, and the fractions.  These really are the best days of our lives!


  1. Love, love, love. This post, the pictures, and the people in them. And YOU.

  2. Stephanie, This was beautiful and such an encouragement to me, thank you!! Missy



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