Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Colin's Graduation Party

I gave you a sneak peek the other day so today I'll just finish up with a few pictures.  We've had a houseful of delightful company for the last week so today is the first day I've had to meet up with my blog.  :)

To greet our guests, I made a balloon wreath for the front door and wrote on the chalkboard.  We also lined the driveway with signs.  (I'm finding I love having the chalkboard by the front door.  It's fun to write special messages on holidays and birthdays.)

In the family room I hung a banner I made for Colin with pictures from diapers to diploma.  :)

I also set up a table to hold the cake, cupcakes, and Colin's scrapbook and other special items.

The boys decorated the deck and the garage and we set up tables to allow lots of places for people to eat.  I made little photo bouquets for the table centerpieces and added Colin's favorite candy (Starbursts) and some "Congrats Grad" mints.

Our menu consisted of pork barbecue sandwiches, cole slaw, chips, veggies with dip, and bottled waters, tea, and lemonade to drink.  For dessert we had cake and cupcakes and coffee.  We set up the food buffet in the kitchen and everyone served themselves.  (There was one horrible thing that happened when my honey went to fix his plate.  He was the very last one to go through the line and he realized there was no cole slaw on the island.  Everyone has pretty much finished eating and he tells me I forgot to get the enormous bowl of cole slaw out of the refrigerator!  I was so frustrated with myself!  The next shin-dig I throw I'm hiring a personal assistant.)

My honey prayed, we ate and socialized, then he gave Colin his diploma and we finished things off with cake and coffee.

For those of you who might be confused by the "Gateway Christian Schools" part of this diploma, we home schooled Colin from preschool to his senior year.  We used Gateway Christian Schools independent study program as an umbrella for the high school years.  Gateway provided his transcript and diploma.

It was a great evening!

One high school graduate down, five to go!!!  :)


  1. What great decorations. I love the diploma, picture combination. I wish we'd done that with our first two graduates. But it gives me an idea for my last graduate that comes up in two years. Not that I'm in any rush! Congratulations to your son.

    1. Thank you, Jen! You are right to not be in any rush. The time goes by so quickly, as I'm sure you already know. I hope you and your family are enjoying your summer. :)



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