Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Teacher's Appreciation

I can't believe I almost forgot the blessing of being my children's teacher.  I can't believe that I got so caught up in the work and the to-do list that I forgot what an honor and a privilege it is to teach school each day in my home.  I had grumbled about the grading that I was behind on.  I had yelled at the kids to move faster and do more.  I exchanged the freedom for a burden (temporarily) and I can't believe I almost forgot.

I took four of the children to the park today while the two oldest boys went to music lessons.  The gorgeous sunshine and fresh air were good for this ole gal who's been in a battle with depression.  I spread a quilt under a shade tree and we enjoyed a snack.  After our snack, we played.  My big girl jumped rope with her newly purchased jump rope.  I pushed a little one on the swings.  My boys had fun skateboarding together.  I couldn't help smiling.

Today I got just the reminder I needed.  All of those papers I have to grade are actually blessings from God to me.  Each day as I struggle to get through the piles and piles of laundry, I am blessed.  When it seems like I'll never get the kitchen cleaned (and when I do it's time to make the next meal) it's a privilege to be in my kitchen.  I've been letting all my work bring me down.  I've let other things I can't control bring me down.  And while I was down I almost forgot what a blessing it is to work in my home.  What a blessing it is to teach my children and to spend our days reading books and baking cookies.  What a tremendous honor it has been to be my son's teacher when he started kindergarten all the way until now as he finishes up his senior year.

I almost forgot, but today I remembered!  Thank you, Lord.

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