Thursday, May 16, 2013

Out the Door, Dinosaur!

Our family is busy packing up this morning headed to the Teach Them Diligently Convention.  Even though there is a lot on my heart, I don't have much time for writing.  I'm leaving you with a few things to look over and I will be back to share what's on my mind and on my heart soon.

I thought this was really cute and fun.  I'm using some new ones with my little girls and they are loving it!  

Here's something for me, and maybe you, to remember.  I've struggled with anxiety, depression, and PMS off and on over the years.  Some times (new baby, moving, getting older) are worse than others.  I need this reminder.

And a little mom humor for good measure.

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog.  I'll go ahead and take this opportunity on Friday Eve to wish you a Happy Weekend!  Make your home cozy and love on your family!

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