Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Girls' Room

I know, I know...I promised some bedroom organization tips.  Sorry for the delay.  It's been a BUSY week that included a driver's license for this big guy,

an AWANA theme night which required some dressing up for this little gal

and this big fella,

plus projects in abundance...

and music lessons, soccer, school, so forth and so get the drift!

Anywho, here are those ideas I said I would share.  Maybe a useful idea will pop up for you!

We are starting up in the little girls' room.  This might be my toughest room to organize because little girls tend to have so many little things.  (And don't even THINK about getting rid of any of those itty bitty trinkets!)

I hung this on the inside of the door.  It helps to organize all that "stuff" that would otherwise be cluttering up the room.

It's just a simple shoe organizer I picked up at Walmart.  I chose one with clear pockets so the items are easily visible.  When the bedroom door is open you don't see it at all but when the door is closed all of those little goodies are right there.  We have miniature princesses and dolls and card games and such tucked away neatly as opposed to scattered all over the floor.

Hair bows are a big deal around here and we have amassed quite a collection.  I hang them in the closet so it's quick and easy to find one to match an outfit.  I used two pieces of sturdy plastic and clipped them to a hanger.  There are little slits in the plastic to clip the bows onto.  You could easily use wide pieces of ribbon.

Another hair do-dad I find everywhere are pony tail holders.  I gave my little gals an empty paper roll and had them gather them there.  This may seem like such a tiny thing but it sure beats having them everywhere.  Just tuck that little roll into a drawer and they're there when you need them.

I've gotten absolutely hooked on Command products lately.  These little hooks are just one of my favorite things.  They are easy to put up, and when you want to remove them - no damage to the wall whatsoever!  I hung several inside the girls' closet to hold all of their little purses and bags.

Anything you can get up on the wall keeps things from piling up on the floor.

I also have this hanging in their closet.  It hangs on my littlest girl's side of the closet and holds all the baby items I need to keep up with.  We've got lots of hats and bows in these pockets and I can simply grab what I need when I'm in the closet picking out clothes.

Lastly, here's what the girls' room looks like all cleaned up.  I use all kinds of plastic containers and baskets to keep things tidy.  We've got one big basket for stuffed animals and a smaller one for special trinkets.  There is a container for play food, one for play jewelry, one for Barbies, one for Polly Pockets, etc.  It can get pretty messy in here at times but since everything has a place we can tidy up in no time flat!

I'll be the first to admit, my girls have too much stuff.  And there's really no getting around it at this point.  Every little stuffed animal and doll is so important to my 7 year old and she knows who gave it to her, for what occasion, and exactly where it was purchased.  We try to clean out and donate once a year but it is really hard for her to decide what she can do without.  If you have a little gal like mine there might not be much you can do about it now, but one thing you can do is remember this when you are at the store or the amusement park or museum.  Instead of buying something to bring home, use the money for a special consumable something, or some special experience.  For instance, instead of shopping at the Aquarium gift shop when we visit our fishy friends I suggest we take our spending money across the street and buy ice-cream or use the money to buy a behind the scenes tour with the penguins.  This is a better way to use spending money and is completely clutter free.  Instead of buying some little dinky toy at the grocery store use the money to buy the Popsicles the children love the best.  The kids will enjoy choosing and you will not be adding any clutter to their bedrooms.  Win-win!


  1. Your little girls room is so sweet. I love the pink walls!!! I miss that. All 3 of mine now share a room and they are tired of pink walls. We have been "redecorating" their room for some time now. I love the idea on the back of the door and I never thought about doing that with pony tail holders. I find those things everywhere!! My older two are opposites about stuff. Morgan hates clutter and gets rid of stuff easily. Katie on the other hand is like your little girl and everything has special meaning to her. She is doing better about it though!!! The thing I find funny is that if their Daddy has bought them anything from just him it becomes extra special and they just have to keep it. I've enjoyed reading your spring cleaning posts although with sickness I haven't kept up well. Hopefully this week will be a good cleaning week.

  2. I love the girls' room. And yaaaay Ethan!

  3. Thanks y'all! I love pink too so I've had fun decorating their room.



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