Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Clean Before Spring #9

If you should choose to join me there are 3 parts to this cleaning assignment.
  • The microwave
  • The washing machine
  • The dryer
For cleaning the microwave - Put a bowl of water inside and heat.  Allow it to run for a couple of minutes with the water boiling.  When you take the bowl out the condensation will make it easy for you to clean the interior.  Put the turning plate in a sink of hot sudsy water and give it a good scrub.  Rinse and dry and place it back in the microwave.  Wash the outside of the microwave with hot soapy water and then clean with Windex and paper towels to remove all the food smudges and fingerprints.

For the washer and dryer - start with a dry cloth (or whatever you like to dust with) and remove all the lint.  Then, with a wet soapy cloth wipe down the outside of the machines.  Give them a good scrub getting all the gunk out of the crooks and crevices.  Lift the lid on the washer and clean inside there.  Give the lint trap on the dryer a good cleaning.  This may lead to additional cleaning in and around the washer and dryer and that's great too!

We are making progress toward clean and organized homes before spring!  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. 

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