Friday, February 8, 2013

Clean Before Spring 7 1/2

It is always my intention to keep it real here on my blog.  With that in mind I must tell you assignment #7 was a no-go.  I never even made it into the room with the closet I had planned to clean out.  Yesterday my other job, as a chauffeur, took up almost my entire day, that and 3 meals to prepare, a bit o'laundry, and diaper duty, plus school and music lessons it was after midnight when my head hit the pillow. will be catch up day.  I'm adding one other little task too.  Find 20 things to throw away.  From my vantage point right now I can see 100 things I could throw out.  There is mail stacked on the kitchen counter (most of it junk), newspaper piled next to the piano, an empty cereal box, an empty ibuprofen bottle, an empty tissue box, part of a happy meal toy, school papers, craft remnants, and so on.  Uh, hello.  Does no one throw things away?  This is just what I can see from my seat.  Imagine what I will find when I get up and move around the house! 

For today, get yourself a trash bag and carry it from room to room and challenge yourself to find 20 things to throw away.  Easy, right?  Then, if there are any assignments you haven't gotten to yet, do one of those today.  I'm feeling a little iffy on my ability to clean the closet out today.  My brother will be arriving from the faraway land of Washington D.C.  I must also go to the grocery store, get the oil changed in the van, get my haircut, and oh yeah, teach school!  If I don't get to the closet today I will do it this weekend while my brother and the other men in my home are doing their "man stuff" {shudder}.  They usually like to see how they can hurt each other or something.

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  1. Yay! A catchup day is a great idea, as well as the throw away idea. Thanks! Have a great wknd with Gabriel.



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